Lots of Critters in Ishigaki’s Osaki Area

Another day with strong wind and this morning the sky was dark too in Ishigaki island(;´・ω・)
Despite the wind, Osaki area was still calm☆ We saw many different critters on today’s dives(≧▽≦)
Below, a pair of ghostpipefish♪♪

Frost Nudibranch☆

A White-ray Shrimp goby☆

Anemone parter shrimp☆

Bat fishes(*’ω’*)

I wonder how long this windy weather will continue… luckily, some of our best dive sites are sheltered from the north wind♪♪

The North Wind will Not Stop

It’s still quite windy, has winter come to Ishigaki island already?(´-ω-`) Still had some good fun dives today☆
There was a bit swell in Osaki area too, but the landscape underwater was beautiful! The wind was strong in Nagura area and the boat rocked quite a bit but underwater it was peaceful as always(;^ω^)
We saw lots of Green turtles today♪♪ This turtle was resting on the corlas looking very relaxed(≧▽≦)

Schools of Blue-green damselfishes☆

We also found a Robust ghostpipefish☆ There aren’t that many of them yet but we can find them at most sites in Osaki(;・∀・)

A Spotted garden ell poking its head up from the sand♪

A teeny tiny Tomato Anemonefish☆

A Nudibranch☆

And Squat shrimps wiggling their small tails(*’ω’*)

We’ll see what the weather conditions are tomorrow, looking forward to more dives☆

Beautiful Weather, Still a Little bit Windy

Comparing with yesterday, there was much less wind but it’s still quite windy in Ishigaki island(´-ω-`)
Today we had both certified and non-certified divers on the boat♪♪ The visibility was surprisingly good too(≧▽≦) Underwater was calm and beautiful☆

Today’s discover scuba divers♪♪ They swam very well\(^o^)/

We saw many different critters♪ A bit Anemone shrimp, they don’t move around a lot so they are easy photo motives☆

We also saw the Robust ghostpipefish♪

And a flounder sweeping across the bottom♪♪

I hope this wind will turn into a mild breeze by tomorrow♪

Strong Winds on Today’s Dive Trip

Just like the weather forecast said, strong north winds over Ishigaki island today(;´・ω・) There are not so many sites to choose from when the sea is rough(;・∀・) However, Osaki area was calmer than expected☆ The visibility was surprisingly good and we saw schools of Sea goldies swimming♪♪

Around this time of the year, we often see the Robust ghost pipefish(*’ω’*) This one still hadn’t found a mate, hope it will find a partner soon(;^ω^)

The spots on the Squat shrimp are meant to work as a camouflage, but I think it just makes it easier to spot(;´・ω・)

A tiny Flatworm☆

And a tiny Nudibranch!

The wind is supposed to be strong tomorrow again, luckily we can dive in Ishigaki’s calm Osaki area☆

A Magical Coral Garden

Typhoon Hagibis did a lot of damage when making landfall on the mainland, I pray that they can repair the homes before winter comes.
Ishigaki island was safe this time but the north wind seems to be sticking around(>_<) Luckily, we can depart from Sakieda beach and had some great dives today☆ The corals at dive site are so pretty(*^▽^*) There are many different speicies thriwing here!

This Crocodile fish has been hanging around the same area for quite a while now(;^ω^)

A big Ornate pipefish♪♪

It was very long and had an almost transparent mouth(;^ω^)

We also met a Green turtle today☆ It was having a sound nap!

Tomorrow, the wind will be very strong(;´・ω・) And it will rain(/ω\) According to the weather forecast at least…