3 Dives – Manta Focus☆

Another day underwater with our divers from yesterday♪♪

In the morning we went to Manta City for 1st dive and Manta Scramble for 2nd dive☆ Full focus on Mantas(≧▽≦)

We waited a long time for the mantas at City but they didn’t show up (/ω\)
While waiting I took pictures of soft corals☆☆

For second dive we waited for mantas at Scramble, just as I was about to go back to the boat, a friend closeby banged his tank to signal manta had appeared! Thank you☆
It was just in the nick of time(;^ω^)

In the afternoon we went to Yamabare. Usually, we find green turtles napping here but they were not there today((+_+))
But this point also has lots of other interesting marine animals in the deeper parts♪ Garden eels, Orangutang crabs, Brown-banded pipefish and lots of other critters☆

I took a picture of the lionfish. The coloring is beautiful \(^o^)/
We also found an ornate ghost pipefish! It’s popular with divers and has such strange eyes!

From tomorrow we’ll have north wind((+_+)) I hope it will stay weak.

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