3 Dives Today☆

[ezcol_1half]Another sunny day in Ishigaki(^O^)
We went to Yonehara, Manta Point and Arakawa for today’s three dives♪

Firstly, can you spot the Scorpionfish hiding in the picture to the right?
Many marine animals rely on camouflage to hide and hunt♪♪

Yonehara’s corals never disappoint! From now on, a lot of bigger fishes are going to come with the warmer weather and munch up the smaller ones… so now is the best time to enjoy watching all the small fishes(≧▽≦)

At Manta point, the Mantas didn’t show up (/ω\) I’m sure they will come tomorrow though ☆☆
But we saw a Green Turtle in Arakawa♪♪ This year we have Napoleon Fishes visiting again, they are quite shy so I didn’t get any picture of them today. Maybe next time♪

The wind is picking up again tomorrow (-_-;)
It’s a southwest wind so we can still go diving, looking forward to it!

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