6/22 Diving and Snorkeling

今日も南風 穏やかな中、米原とマンタスクランブルでダイビング♪



20160622-P6220150Today’s guests were a couple from Indonesia and Japan!
In a gentle south wind, we went to Yonehara and Manta Scramble ♪

Nudibranch train, haven’t seen one in a long time. Don’t know why they move in this style following each other head-to-tail but it looks very cute doesn’t it 🙂
After enjoying all the colorful fishes on the first dive we went to manta scramble!

We didn’t see any mantas circling around the cleaning station today, but we saw two mantas following each other like they were playing tag!

A bit of a “train festival” with both nudibranch and mantas coming in pairs ^_^


20160622-P6220173 20160622-P6220167   20160622-P6220148 20160622-P6220147 20160622-P6220141

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