Advanced Open Water Course Day 2

[ezcol_1half]Day 2 of AOW Course!

A really great thing about diving in Ishigaki is that, even while doing courses, we can still go to Manta Point (≧▽≦)
Four mantas showed up today♪♪ They just passed by, so we could not watch them for long though…

Our student choose search and recovery, underwater photography, and fish id for his adventure dives! We saw lots of crabs, shrimps, nudibranchs, as well as lots of glass fishes at Rock Lake swim throughs. Time passed very quickly♪♪

Ishigaki’s coral reefs are very pretty, but landscape diving has its own perks!
Diving over sandy bottoms can sometimes be very exciting too, but we’ll do that another time (^.^)/~~~

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