Another good day of diving☆

[ezcol_1half]Today we went diving at Yonehara south, Manta Scramble, and Yosuji Reef☆☆

The sea was totally flat and it was a great day for diving♪♪
At Yonehara, the Sea Goldies were dashing out and about(≧▽≦) The visibility was also good and the corals pretty. We found lots of nudibranch and small shrimps, time passed so quickly!

However, no manta today again(-_-;) and we spent all dive waiting for them… (/ω\)
There was a really strong current at Manta Scramble today. I was surprised because when we started the dive there was not much current, but then it grew stronger quickly. Very hard for our snorkelers!

Tomorrow we’re going for Discover Scuba Dives! I’m looking forward to it.

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