Just as We were About to Give Up – Finally a Manta Ray!

Another sunny day in Ishigaki island☆

We went out with 2 divers today☆ First dive we saw Green turtles♪ There are so many of them this year(≧▽≦)
It looked very comfy resting among the corals ♪

Today we went diving at Manta city(・`д・´) We waited and waited at the cleaning station…
And we also enjoyed some landscape diving

Just as we were about to ascend, finally a manta ray appeared\(^o^)/
It was only passing by, but this year we are just super happy if we get to see them!

Great experience♪ I hope we can repeat tomorrow m(__)m

We also saw many other fishes, like this one below♪
It’s a Longnose hawkfish♪ It looks similar to the Dwarf hawkfish but has a longer nose and is much rarer(;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’re off for discover scuba dives and fun dives in Ishigaki again!

Another Day Without Manta Rays… But the Coral Reefs are Abundant with Life

This week in Ishigaki island we have sunny and calm weather everyday☆

However, around this time of the year, we should be seeing a lot more Manta rays (;´・ω・)
At least the coral garden isn’t going anywhere☆ Lots of small fishes were swimming around merrily!

A Mantis shrimp poked its head out of a hole before hiding again. They are strong and have a fierce punch but are easily scared(;・∀・)

A Clown anemonefish was basking in the sunlight in the shallow part of the reef♪ It looked very relaxed(≧▽≦)

While waiting for the Mantas to show up, this tiny Nudibranch crossed our path♪♪

Tomorrow, the Mantas will be there! From next week it looks like the wind will turn to the north(´-ω-`)☆

Relaxed Dives in Calm Ocean♪

A gentle wind is blowing from the east over Ishigaki island☆

Today we went diving in Kabira area(≧▽≦)
I’m sad to say, this year the Mantas are not showing up as usual(T_T) Around this time of the year, we should be seeing several of them circling the cleaning stations almost every day(´-ω-`)

However, there are plenty of other marine animals to see♪♪
Lots of Green turtles this year, and they can almost always be found in the same spots having a siesta☆

A Glass goby sitting on a whip coral☆ The teeth look very sharp close-up(;^ω^)

Lots of fishes are gathering on the artificial reefs made by a senior diveshop\(^o^)/

A young Cockatoo waspfish♪

The Ghost pipefishes have become a regular on the blog latley♪

These Pipehorses are living on small strands of seaweed on the deeper side of the reef, but recently I’ve seen the Green turtles eating that seaweed. It worries me that they might get eaten(;´・ω・)

Tomorrow we’re off diving in Kabira area again!!

Discover Scuba and Fun Dives♪ Ladies Day☆

Warm and calm weather♪ Best dive conditions in Ishigaki island♪♪

Today’s divers were all women so it was a Ladies Day on the boat☆
We departed to Yonehara and Manta point in high spirits☆

Corals♪ Corals♪ Relaxing for the spirit(≧▽≦) This year, the water temperature haven’t risen too high so the corals are safe for this season(;^ω^)

All our discover scuba divers descended smoothly without any problems to equalize♪ We took pictures with the Anemonefishes!

And the next picture with a school of Sea goldies(^O^) It’s easy to loose track of time when you watch them swim around☆

First time diving but already the buancy is pretty good♪♪ Next, off to Manta point!

But no Mantas were there today…(;´・ω・)
Tomorrow, we’re off fun diving again. Let’s hope for better luck!

Fun Dives! The Wind is Still Strong

The wind is still pretty strong in Ishigaki, but we could still go diving without problem(≧▽≦)

We saw a Manta today☆☆ It did a few laps circling over the cleaning station and then kept circling…while moving away(;・∀・)

I thought it would come back but not this time(;^ω^)
We also saw lots of Green turtles today☆ They were sleeping here and there all over the reef!

We also found lots of marine animals on the sandy bottom♪♪
Like these Spotted garden eels♪

Cockatoo waspfish♪ I got the location from a friend, it’s been a long time since I saw one\(^o^)/

We also saw a tiny Pipehorse and Ghost pipefish♪
This little fellow has been staying in the same place for a long time and I can follow it getting bigger and bigger(;^ω^)

From tomorrow it looks like the weather will calm down☆ The summer is still long!