Calm winds over Ishigaki island

The wind has taken a quick turn south and the sea was calm as we departed from Sakieda, Ishigaki today(≧▽≦)
We went for three dives in Osaki and Nagura area\(^o^)/

A Green turtle was taking a nap at his usual place ☆☆ We saw three of them today(^O^)

A shark was resting under a rock♪♪

White-ray shrimp gobies☆

A tiny Pipehorse clinging to a piece of straw(;^ω^)

We also saw many different shrimps☆ Theesa are both different kinds of Anemone shrimps♪

Below, a bubble coral shrimp.

And this tiny shrimp blended perfectly in with the sea fan(;^ω^)

The wind is turning from south to north and back again(;´・ω・) At least it’s not very strong for now(;^ω^)

Turtles! Corals! Amazing corals

A calm east wind over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦)
We departed from Sakieda♪ to dive in Osaki and Nagura☆ In Osaki, the visibility was a bit bad(;´・ω・) but we saw many different animals on the dive☆ Below is a Green turtle! We saw four of them today☆ This one got some hitchhikers attached…(;^ω^)

Another one swam slowly over the reef♪♪

Lots of Giant cuttlefishes☆ This one is in the middle of laying her eggs(/・ω・)/

And this male is guarding her fiercly(;・∀・)

In Nagura bay, we saw many different corals☆ The visibility was also on top\(^o^)/

A small Pipehorse was clinging to a straw on the sandy bottom(;´・ω・)

And a… crab?(;・∀・) A fluffy little fellow☆

An Anemone shrimp with eggs♪

A Lionfish.

Tomorrow we have Discover scuba dives♪♪ Looking forward to introducing the underwater world!

Fun Dives and Discover Scuba Dives

Another day with south wind in Ishigaki island♪
Today we departed from Kabira and went diving at Yonehara and Manta point☆ L-san did her first scuba dives♪♪
She got a hang of it very quickly and even made good buoancy over the corals(≧▽≦)

On top of a bommie, a bountiful school of Sea goldies swam around♪♪

Christmas tree worms, it’s very fun to see them hide so quickly!

A lion fish poked its head out♪♪ The long fins are very elegant, don’t you think?(^O^)

A Giant moray hid under a rock.

Unfortunately, we had no luck with the Mantas today either(T_T)
And tomorrow the wind will turn north in the afternoon so we’ll have to drive around to Sakieda again.

Landscape Diving in Ishigaki

Another hot day in Ishigaki! It’s like the summer is here already(≧▽≦)
We went diving today at a landscape site and at Manta point! Unfortunately, the visibility wasn’t the best because of the heavy rains some days ago but we could still enjoy the landscape☆

A Honeycomb moray had squeezed itself in tightly into a hole, I wonder if it’s really comfy? (;・∀・)

Today we saw lots of Nudibranchs♪ This Frost nudibranch was the best shot today! (*’ω’*)

Second dive at Manta point! Yesterday, we saw Manta rays here! Today… they didn’t bother to show up (T_T) Maybe they sensed our high hopes (´-ω-`) But we got to meet this Green turtle♪

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives and discover scuba dives☆

Slow And Steady, Manta Rays☆

It is warm like a summer’s day in Ishigaki(≧▽≦)
South wind, fun dives in Yonehara and Manta point♪
The visibility wasn’t the best(;^ω^) But all the small fishes and corals were entertaining as alwasy☆

A Whip coral shirmp♪

We went for two dives at Manta city! The first dive, we saw three manta rays swimming in the distance. They seemed to be in a great hurry(;´・ω・) Still, it’s very lucky to see them at this time of the year☆

This Green turtle had made itself comfy on the soft corals♡

A manta swam by for the third dive too, this one was not in any hurry and hovered above the cleaning station(≧▽≦)
Looking forward to tomorrow’s dives♪