Ishigaki is Getting Colder

A typhoon is going to pass close to the island and the water temperature is getting colder((+_+))
Today we went for fun dives in Osaki☆

On the sandy bottom, we found lots of fascinating animals like the garden eels, white-ray shrimp gobies, and black-ray shrimp gobies♪♪

There are lots of whip corals around here, on and around them lives different kinds of gobies and shrimps(≧▽≦)

On the sandy bottom and rocky bottom we can find many nudibranchs, especially in wintertime☆
This one is commonly named “Cinderella Nudibranch”, quite a name huh(;^ω^)

A leafy scorpion fish was sitting in a rock crack\(^o^)/ There’s a different one every year but there’s always one of them around this spot☆

A Lionfish♪♪ This one is still very small but the fins are long and beautiful☆☆ For some reason I took a close-up picture so it’s hard for you to see(;^ω^)

Tomorrow I’ll have a day off, staring at the weather report about the coming typhoon(”ω”)ノ

Diving in Osaki Area☆

Today we went out with two groups for Discover Scuba Diving and Fun Diving♪♪
We did 2 dives in Osaki area, it has really calmed down since yesterday!
Our first-time divers did their best and could soon swim around☆

Our fun diving team also had a good time and saw two ghost pipefishes and a school of batfish!

The finger corals are thriving in the shallow waters(≧▽≦)

Small damselfishes and sea goldies take shelter in the corals♪♪ Our divers had a good time watching them dashing in and out\(^o^)/

A new typhoon has formed southeast of Ishigaki(-_-メ) It probably will not be a direct hit, but it will get very windy again…

Fun Dives in Nagura♪♪

We had rain that came and went all the time in Ishigaki island today!
North winds are blowing and we departarted from Sakieda beach for diving in Nagura bay☆

The batfishes have gathered in their usual spot(≧▽≦) it’s still a bit less of them…

But there are also many small ones doing their best to swim, adorable(^ω^)

Under a rock, I found a pair of pipefish. There are lots of them around this year☆ I took a picture but the tail go cut out(/ω\)

Close-up picture of a sea snake☆ Many people don’t like them(;^ω^)

The water temperature went up this year too, but there are still many places with healthy corals☆

More dives in Nagura bay tomorrow! The weather will start to get colder from now..

Dream to See Mantas Came True!

The wind has changed to north, but it’s still weak so we could go diving at Yonehara and Manta point☆☆
We saw lots of different marine life today(≧▽≦)

Such as a big sleepy crocodile fish♪♪ We come across it from time to time, it has a funky body shape(”ω”)ノ

For second dive we went to Manta point, we had high swell again((+_+)) But we did saw a manta☆ It swam really close to our divers♪♪
One of our divers today had taken the diving license just to see a manta♪ I’m really happy we got to see them today☆
After diving, I drove the boat around the cape to Sakieda bay and we passed the Uganzaki lighthouse.

We’ll go out for more dives tomorrow☆

Mantas again!☆

We had high swell today, but could still go diving from Kabira bay and visit Manta point♪♪
In Yonehara, we saw lots of corals and marine life (≧▽≦) It’s a dive site sheltered from the waves so, as we went underwater, the world was calm and we could relax our minds♪♪

A big Honeycomb moray had made its home in a crack☆

A Bubble coral shrimp taking a stroll♪ Looking comfy on his coral\(^o^)/

For 2nd dive we went to Manta point(≧▽≦)
There was so much swell (/ω\) It was so much we couldn’t even hold onto the rocks, but we saw Manta♪ The manta was also riding the wave motion underwater as it swam☆

From tomorrow we’ll have strong northeast wind again. So we won’t be able to go to Manta point((+_+))
I’ll move the boat to Sakieda bay in the afternoon.