Discover Scuba Divers Came to See Manta but…!!!

Today’s discover scuba divers didn’t have any luck with the mantas when going diving with another shop yesterday, so they decided to try their luck again with us today\(^o^)/

So we went looking for mantas both at Manta City and Manta Scramble☆
Besides the mantas, our guests had seen the crocodile fish in our previous post and requested to see one. I thought it would be pretty difficult(;^ω^) But we soon found one on the way to the manta cleaning stations (/・ω・)/ so, I was sure of our luck this time but… we waited and waited and no manta came(/ω\)
But while we waited, we had fun watching the charming pink anemonefishes and clown anemonefishes♪♪

(>_<) The mantas didn't show up on the second dive either... No luck today, but we'll try again tomorrow! I'm sure they'll come back eventually (;^ω^) Our luck has to turn around!

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