Discover Scuba Divers with Flow☆

Strong southwest wind today ((+_+))
We went to Yonehara and Manta Scramble with our merry fun- and discover scuba divers♪♪ It was very choppy at Yonehara but, once we descended, we escaped into the beautiful calm world underwater☆☆

For one of our divers, it was his first time diving but it certainly didn’t look like it(≧▽≦) I was actually a little surprised at how quickly he got a hang of it (;^ω^) Hope he takes his diving license soon♪♪ We had a good time swimming over the corals☆

Then, we went off to Manta Scramble with high expectations! Today, they’ll come! Or so I thought…
But they were nowhere to be seen, another day without mantas(/ω\)
I hope they will be there tomorrow, we’ll continue trying(;^ω^)

Both our fun- and discover scuba divers enjoyed their dives in Ishigaki’s ocean and, for me, that’s the most important thing☆

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