Discover Scuba Dives with Lots of Strange Fishes☆

Today’s guest from Hong Kong did his first dives with us today☆
We went to Yonehara and Manta Scramble, but no mantas today (-_-メ) for this time of the year, very unlucky( ゚Д゚)

So today we enjoyed looking at various mysterious small fishes♪♪♪
Also, we took lots of pictures with anemone fishes☆

A small Robust Ghostpipefish swayed back and forth, when I see this fish I feel that the summer is starting to end… Many divers pass this spot, so I don’t think it will stay here((+_+)) also, it will probably move as the typhoon comes(;^ω^)

A leafy scorpionfish was sitting just under a rock, hard to find it here. Under the boat, a Yellow-edged Moray poked its head out☆

At manta scramble, a crococodile fish was taking a break on top of a soft coral♪ I took a picture of it using fish-eye mode today(^ω^) This fish doesn’t move much so I had time to take many different pictures of it.

Tomorrow, we’ll prepare the shop for the coming typhoon!

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