Discover Scuba Dives with Manta!

Today we had two guests from Sweden♪ coming to do their first dives with us(≧▽≦) We went through the equipment and dive skills on the boat, then we went below the surface\(^o^)/

Both of them swam around like fishes underwater(^ω^) hard to believe it was their first dives☆☆ We met lots of different anemone fishes and took pictures with them, then we swam over the corals with all the small fishes☆
Even tiny anemonefishes like the one in the picture have teeth. They can be very territorial and might attack but, even if you do get bitten, it won’t really hurt(;^ω^)

Second dive at Manta Point\(^o^)/
At the cleaning station, a manta circled round and round and stayed there the whole dive(≧▽≦)
Thank you for showing up♪ It was a very impressive sight for our discover scuba divers

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