Discover Scuba Dives with Mantas☆

[ezcol_1half]Today we went to Yonehara and Manta Scramble with our Discover Scuba Divers☆☆

Our guests from Germany swam around like a pair of fishes(≧▽≦)
On the first dive in Yonehara, we floated over the corals♪♪ and enjoyed being surrounded by a myriad of colorful small fishes☆
We also took pictures with several different clownfish speices♪
A leafy Scorpionfish was swaying back and forth on top of a rock, almost like it was sunbathing! Looking very cute, doesn’t it? (^O^)

Last year we had some damage to the corals because of the high water temperatures causing bleaching, but this year they seem to be on the way to recovery (/・ω・)/

For second dive, we went to Manta Scramble!
At the top of one of the bommies, Mantas were coming and going (≧▽≦) Passing very close to our divers ♪♪

Tomorrow were off for more Discover Scuba Dives☆

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