Discover Scuba Diving – From 10 years

Today we took a family from Hong Kong on their first dives(≧▽≦) The daughter was 10 years old☆ It’s the youngest age from when you can go Discover Scuba Diving♪♪

Everybody was very good swimmers underwater♪ We had two very smooth dives and saw lots of different fishes☆ It was lots of fun\(^o^)/ We took pictures together with the anemone fishes♪
At this dive site, we have lots of different anemone fishes so one could spend a whole dive discovering all of them(^ω^) Maybe we could get a Saddleback clownfish…(;^ω^)

Then we went to manta point and I really, really hoped for them to be there today but they were not (/ω\)
I always feel disappointed when they don’t show up because I really want to show them to our divers…

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