Diving in North Wind☆

As forecasted, a north wind is blowing in Ishigaki island><
Luckily it’s not that strong so could still depart from Kabira and go diving at Yonehara and Manta City♪We went to Yonehara west side for diving today☆ There we found lots of small critters like emperor shrimps♪ On the deep side there are so many soft corals!

On one soft coral, there were so many anemone partner shrimps on one coral(;^ω^) Inside a crack, an octopus was hiding, I hope they don’t get eaten((+_+))

For second dive we went to manta city!
It was really quiet and not many boats there, I thought maybe there won’t be any mantas either… but we saw several of them today(≧▽≦)
The mantas swam very closeby and our divers that could take their time to watch them. This was their third day with us and I’m happy we could finish with best manta sightseeing♪

I guess we’ll have another day with rocking waves tomorrow(;^ω^)

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