Fantastic Snorkeling on Flat Sea☆

Today, we went snorkeling with two guests from Germany♪♪
It was their first time snorkeling, they made a good choice to try it in Ishigaki! We went to Yonehara and Yamabare on a calm sea, perfect for snorekling\(^o^)/

Because it was their first time snorkeling, I thought we would swim slowly but they learned soon and we swam around a lot and time passed way too quickly because of all the fun (≧▽≦)

I had promised them a turlte for second snorkel at Yamabare! But today they weren’t around (/ω\) I’m sorry…
Despite a bit of seasickness, I think we still had a great time together(^ω^)

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  1. Anna and Sebastian

    Indeed, we had a great time together. Toyo was the perfect choice for our first snorkeling session. The places he picked were fantastic for snorkeling, quiet, corals and a lot of colorful fishes. He also is a great diving teacher as he explained us exactly what to do and not to do so that we got along quite fast.

    Many, many thanks for this unique experience. And don’t feel sorry for the lack of turtles as we enjoyed our trip nevertheless very much.

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