Fantastic Weather☆ Good Day for Discover Scuba Dives☆

Unusually for this season we have a north wind blowing(;^ω^) But, it’s gentle so we can go diving in Kabira area as usual♪♪

Today we had two beginner divers joining us to Yonehara and Manta Point☆☆
It was their second time going diving, and you could tell they had some experience♪ We swam around and took lots of pictures with anemone fishes (≧▽≦)

At Manta point, there weren’t many boats around so we could go straight to manta city without wait\(^o^)/ however, no mantas today(/ω\) I heard the shop that went after us saw a manta(-_-メ) Bad timing! It’s unlucky, but I’m happy the mantas are around again♪♪

Seems like we’ll have a weak north wind for a few days… it would be good if the temperature could cool down a degree or two(;^ω^)

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