Finally Back in Yonehara, Diving After the Typhoon

The waves are still high but finally we could go diving again(≧▽≦) The landscape changes somewhat after a typhoon, and fish and other marine life also moves around.

Today, we went for three dives in Yonehara area♪♪♪
At some places, we had a surge and at others a gentle rocking that made some of our divers a little bit seasick.

On the first dive, we found a Blue-ringed octopus☆ It is deadly poisonous, but it is beautiful with its striking blue rings! One of our divers discovered it☆ This picture is also thanks to her(;^ω^)

Our Leafy Scorpionfish is still in the same spot as before the typhoon. Rocking back and forth with the waves☆

We also found many different nudibranch and shrimps. Once the sea calm down, we should see more fishes again\(^o^)/ After the typhoon, many fishes have disappeared from where they used to be((+_+))

Tomorrow, I hope we’ll have more calm sea condition! I wonder if we can go to Manta point.
The water temperature has gone down only 1°C and it’s still a hot 30°C underwater. I hope it won’t go up further again(^ω^)

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