Fun Diving

Only for certified divers.

Diving in Ishigaki is possible all year round with different seasons offering a variety of marine creatures. The most famous are, of course, the mantas who are regular customers at the cleaning stations of Kabira. Ishigaki has one of the highest manta encounter rates in the world, so if you ever wanted to see a manta (or a whole school of mantas!) you cannot get a much better chance than here! Be aware that the manta sites are usually only divable in summertime.

Visiting wintertime?
Do not worry, Ishigaki has a lot more to offer than just mantas! We have some spectacular swim-throughs and lively coral reefs full of creatures that will excite both experienced and new divers. Why not ask your guide what is in season right now?
Let us know if you have a crush on tiny crabs, nudibranchs or any other small critters and we will do our very best to find them for you! If you are a beginner or maybe you just like to cruise along, enjoying the scenery of the underwater world, we will do our best to make your dive relaxed and enjoyable. We at Viking Scuba Kabira are there for all our guests!

Dive groups are small so that your diving adventure have that personal touch.

Our boat leaves from Kabira bay* a white sandy beach that is just around the corner from one of the most famous sightseeing spots of Ishigaki. We have free pick-up service for all our customers staying in Ishigaki City and Kabira area. Once we get to the beach, the dive sites are only 10-15 min. away! We decide our daily dive sites in the morning with your comfort and safety in mind, please let us know if you have any special request.


*In wintertime or in the case of strong north wind, we will leave from the beach of Nagura bay instead. Also, we cannot go to Manta scramble but you can still enjoy many other sea creatures and the beautiful underwater scenery of Ishigaki.

1 Dive JPY 9,720-
2 Dives JPY 12,960-
3 Dives JPY 19,440-
Price includes pick-up, boat fee, drinks, tanks, weights, and tax
Lunch is included with two dives or more
Please bring your certification card, towel and swimwear
Rental Equipment
Full rental set* JPY 4,860-
BCD JPY 2,160-
Regulator JPY 2,160-
Wetsuit JPY 1,620-
Dive Computer JPY 1,080-
Camera JPY 2,160-
*Does NOT include Dive Computer or Camera
8:00 〜 Pick-up at your accommodation
8:30 〜 9:00 Get ready, departure from the beach!
9:30 〜 11:00 1st dive, relaxing surface interval ♪
11:30 〜 13:00 2nd dive, then back to Kabira
13:30 〜 15:00 Take lunch at the shop or the beach.
Finished diving? Write logbook and then back to your accommodation
15.00 〜 16:30 3rd dive
17.00 〜 Clean equipment, write logbook, then back to your accommodation
※This schedule is subject to change depending on the weather
※After diving you must wait at least 18 hours before flying


Fun dive photo 3
Fun dive manta 2

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