Fun Dives☆

[ezcol_1half]Another sunny day in Ishigaki(≧▽≦)
Today’s guests were from the Netherlands☆ and joined us for some fun dives♪♪

Unfortunatly, we didn’t see any Mantas at Manta City today(/ω\) It felt especially unfortunate since our guests had tried their luck at other Manta Points around the world without spotting one (T_T) We hope that they will give Ishigaki another chance some day in the future!

At Yonehara south we saw lots of  tiny, tiny Blue-green Damselfishes☆ So cute (≧▽≦)
I could see other fishes trying to eat them, I hope most of them can grow up big and strong♪♪

A Squat Shrimp was shaking it’s little tail while expertly blending into the background, we also saw a Scorpionfish among many other things\(^o^)/

Looks like the nice weather will continue in the following days♪♪

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