Fun Dives♪

[ezcol_1half]Today we went to Arakawa Rocklake and Manta Scramble in the morning, then Yamabare Turtle rock and Manta City in the afternoon. Totally 4 dives(≧▽≦)

In Arakawa, table corals are growing bigger and bigger♪♪ If they continue like this, this divesite will become such a beautiful place(^O^)
On top of a soft coral, a small Goby of the same red color had hidden itself ☆ We also saw lots of baby fishes again!

At Manta Scramble, we waited and waited… then finally one manta showed up♪ Hope we get to spend longer with them tomorrow (/・ω・)/

In the afternoon, we saw so many Green Turtles ♪♪ Some of them were scrubbing against the rocks, wonder if they’re itching? Anyway, I could watch them all day (≧▽≦)

Later we went to Manta City but no Mantas this time (/ω\)

Looking forward to another day of fun diving tomorrow!

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