Fun Dives and Discover Scuba Dives☆

Today we had both expreienced and beginner divers on the boat. We visited Yonehara, Manta Scramble and then Rock Lake in the afternoon♪

Our discover scuba diver descended smoothly♪ Wonderful(≧▽≦)
For first dive we went to Yonehara, visibility was great and the ocean blue☆ We saw sea goldies, blue-green damselfishes, and many others as we swam around.

I wonder why the white moth moray has such a white mouth☆

At Manta Scramble, our fun divers saw one manta passing by! Unfortunately, our discover scuba divers missed it(/ω\)
It just appeared in the last five minutes of the dive… bad timing.

This picture of corals between rocks looks like a fairly tale(;^ω^)

At rock lake, the visibility wasn’t so good but we still enjoyed swimming in and out of the swim-throughs. On the sandy bottom, I found a Robust ghost pipefish♪ It’s such a funky fish(≧▽≦)
Close by I thought I saw another one, but it turned out to be a delicate ghost pipefish(;^ω^)

The weather will get worse from tomorrow( ゚Д゚) But I’m still looking forward to go diving♪♪

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