Fun Diving with Mantas☆ Strong Winds

Even when the winds blow strong and unpredictable, underwater everything is peaceful as usual☆
Today we went to Yonehara and Manta City (≧▽≦)

I cloud spend all day happily watching the small schools of Sea Goldies,  Peach Anthias, and Blue Green Damselfishes in Yonehara♪
With the water temperature up to 27°C it is really comfortable diving right now☆

As I mentioned, the wind was a bit strong and changed to the east but we still made it to Manta City! The boat was rocking quite a bit on the way there and our guests got seasick (/ω\) But we hurriedly jumped in and underwater they soon felt better☆

A Manta was circling above one of the cleaning stations (≧▽≦)
Just as I thought the Manta was done with a few turns and about to swim away again, it came back and continued circling♪ We got to spend plenty of time watching it in amazement☆

From tomorrow, it looks like the winds might turn north again (-_-;)

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