Fun Diving with Mantas

Today we took a family of divers out on the boat☆☆
Today’s sites were Yonehara South and Manta Scramble♪

Beautiful corals at Yonehara(≧▽≦) Our blue-green damselfishes were as lively as always♪
We had such calm weather recently and the water temperature is up to 30°C, I’m getting a bit worried for the corals (;^ω^) I hope it doesn’t get as hot as last year again.

Just like a leaf on a tree, the leafy scorpionfish swayed in the current\(^o^)/ Today, we found a really tiny one!
Close to the surface, countless herrings were swimming frantically around in schools as they were being hunted by bigger fishes like tuna. Busy with their hunting, they sometimes get very close to our divers☆

At Manta Scramble, 3 mantas appeared(≧▽≦)
They didn’t stay on the cleaning stations today, but it’s a magnificent sight to just see them pass by☆☆
Because I had to make sure our divers saw them, I didn’t get time to take pictures of them today (/ω\)

Tomorrow we’re off for Discover Scuba Diving, I wonder what we will find underwater this time♪

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