Fun Diving in Sakieda Bay☆

Today’s guest was from Hong Kong♪ He came diving with us in December last year and we are very happy to have him back in the water with us♪

The wind has turned north again, so we couldn’t dive in Kabira and departed from Sakieda♪
First dive in Osaki, we saw so many Cuttlefish! Looking at the pair in the picture, you can clearly see male (right) and female (left).
For the second dive we went to Nagura area where we swam among the corals (´-ω-`) There were so many tiny Nudibranch♪
The Blue-green damselfish were busy bustling around here and there, a pleasure to watch☆

We’ll have a north wind tomorrow again, but the weather will be good so looking forward to another day of diving♪

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