Fun Diving after the Typhoon♪♪

The typhoon has passed, but it’s still very windy in Ishigaki. However, it’s a south wind so Kabira is on the lee side of the island (≧▽≦) We had two awesome fun dives at Yamabare and Manta City♪

We have one spot where we always find sleepy turtles♪♪ Today, we saw not one, but 3-4 turtles\(^o^)/ I really like this area☆☆

There were lots of small fishes at Yamabare♪ and also many Luna Lionfishes(;^ω^) as well as several Ornate Ghostpipefishes! They have such vibrant colors, it’s because of fishes like this I love diving ( *´艸`)

As soon as we descended at Manta City, the mantas appeared☆ They swam back and forth over the cleaning stations and we could take our time to watch them ( *´艸`)
They swam up close this time so I got some nice pictures as well(≧▽≦)

After the typhoon, the water temperature has gone down to 28°C. I’m sure it will go up again but I hope the corals will be fine this year.

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