Fun Diving at Yonehara and Manta Point

[ezcol_1half]2 Fun Dives in Yonehara and Manta City☆

We went to Yonehara today again and, as usual, all the small fishes swam busily in and out of the corals♪ The Anemone Shrimps always stay on top of the Anemones, I can’t help but wonder if it’s really safe for them… There was only one Clownfish in this one. It looked comfy but a bit lonely. I hope it will find a partner soon.
A Crocodile Fish was also there♪♪ The body shape and eyes look very cool(≧▽≦) I think the best angle for a photo is from the front☆

Unfortunately, no manta pictures(-_-;) They didn’t feel like showing up today… it’s like this early in the season (;・∀・) They’ll keep coming and going for some time yet♪♪

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