July is here! Landscape diving today☆

[ezcol_1half]Today we went fun diving at Rock Lake and Manta Scramble!

So many Glassfishes inside the swim throughs(≧▽≦) From now on, they will get even more and hopefully gather in big schools among the rocks like last year♪
We also saw lots of Frost Nudibranches, besides the one in the picture there were another 6 of them close-by. Nudibranch hot-spot?(;・∀・)

The mantas weren’t around today again… (/ω\) I hope we can see them tomoroow!
But while waiting I found a Spotted Coral Crab ♬ They are not that rare, but I found it in an unusual place(^O^)


Looking forward to another day of fun diving tomorrow☆

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