Let’s go Fun Diving☆ Typhoon is coming!

[ezcol_1half]A tropical storm turned into a typhoon during the day ((+_+)) It is heading right for Ishigaki and will pass over sometime tonight/tomorrow morning(;・∀・) Thankfully, it’s not very strong!

Today, we went diving at Yonehara and Manta Scramble with a guest from Indonesia♪
We had a slight current at Yonehara coral garden and the Sea Goldies and Blue-green Damselfishes were all lined up in small schools swimming in unison against the current♪ A pink (!) Scorpionfish was also chilling at the reef, so cute(*^▽^*)

Took a picture of a tiny Whip Coral Shrimp. Underwater cameras have really leveled up in recent years! Simple camera but macro is really good(;・∀・)

Two mantas at Manta Scramble today! Finally!!
They came and went a few times, if they could just have stayed around and circled a little bit more…. but let’s not push our look. So happy they showed up today!

Probably, we can’t dive tomorrow morning(´-ω-`) We’ll keep an eye on the weather forecast and see what happens.


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