Let’s Look for Turtles

[ezcol_1half]3 dives on flat seas today(^ω^)
We went to Rock Lake, Manta Scramble and Yamabare☆

At Yamabare, one turtle has recently started to get very close to divers(;・ω・) It might scare some divers if they don’t know about the turtle beforehand. I think it might be looking for food…

Inside Rock Lake’s swim throughs, lots of glass fishes has gathered☆☆ It looks very dreamy as you stare up at them swimming around (≧▽≦) Right now is the most beautiful season to enjoy this divesite♪

For second dive, we went to Manta Scramble. But no Mantas there today (/ω\)
However, we saw lots of other marine animals☆ Like ghost pipefishes, that we haven’t seen that much of yet this year♪

Tomorrow we go for more fun dives, looking forward to it☆

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