Let’s Search for Mantas Before the Storm!

We had strong winds today because of the typhoon passing over Taiwan.

Some swell was lingering from yesterdays north wind, but the wind quickly turned east to our advantage(≧▽≦) however, the forecast said the wind would get stronger during the day so off we went to Manta Point for the first dive! Nobody was there as we got into the water♪♪ but that was also true for the mantas (/ω\)

No mantas on the second dive either. They are supposed to be circling merrily around the bommie in the picture… no luck today((+_+))

Despite the weather turning from hard rain to sunny and back again above the surface, underwater the conditions were very calm with good visibility(/・ω・)/

We’ll have even stronger winds tomorrow but I’m looking forward to diving☆☆

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