Lively Boat with Cheerful Divers☆☆

Today’s we did three dives with our fun divers from Hong Kong☆☆

We saw a circling manta, sleepy turtles and many other smaller reef inhabitants! A fantastic day of diving(≧▽≦)

The manta circled round and round for about 15minutes, it was moving slowly and our divers had plenty of time to enjoy watching it\(^o^)/ It finally feels like the high season for mantas has started♪♪♪

The water temperature has been alarmingly hot, but our coral field at Yonehara still looks fine☆☆ We have a lot of different species of corals, they all have their special characteristics when you look at them closely. Ishigaki also have many different anemone fishes, and they all looked really cozy in their anemones as usual♪♪

Today, I found 6 whip coral shrimp sitting on one long whip coral♪
I find this shrimp often, but it’s the first time I saw this many in one place(;^ω^)

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