Long Meeting with Mantas☆

Today we went for 3 dives at Manta City, Manta Scramble and Yonehara south(≧▽≦)

The sea is back to looking like a sparkling mirror and the water temperature is up to 29°C again. I’m worried that the corals will get bleached(/ω\) but, for now, I think they’re fine.

We saw mantas at both manta city and manta scramble today♪♪

At scramble, they only appeared for a short time. But, at city they circled round and round nearby the boat\(^o^)/ After that, they moved to the main bommie and continued circling☆☆ Time passed quickly as we enjoyed watching them! I’m so happy they showed up(/・ω・)/

We’ve been seeing lots of turtles napping at Yonehara south latley♪♪ They seem to have a favorite spot there were we always find them sleeping☆

We also took a picture with the sea goldies☆
Thanks for coming diving with us! It was a lot of fun having you☆

Tomorrow we’ll be off for more fun dives, it’s gonna be fun♪♪

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