Long time no seen old friend☆☆

Today, we had a sudden cancelation so it was a bit hectic this morning. It was too bad they couldn’t come, because we had a sea flat like a mirror and excellent weather for diving today(≧▽≦)

For the first dive, we went to Arakawa in search for the small marine critters♪♪ We saw lots of nudibranch, garden eel, and blue spotted stingrays☆ Blue striped snappers were swimming around in schools at this dive site previous years, but this time we didn’t see a single one(-_-メ)

We found a spot with so many brown-banded pipefish, I wonder if there was a lot of food for them there? It was fun watching them bustling around \(^o^)/

One of our divers were joining us for the fifth day in a row, and it was his last chance to see a manta today☆
We didn’t see any at the cleaning station(;^ω^) so we went to another spot where we found sleepy turtles latley♪♪

As I was turning around to point out the turtle to our diver, I saw a shape in the distance\(^o^)/ Long time, no seen manta ray♪ Then, it went away quickly(;^ω^) But I feel happy to know that they are still around♪

I hope they will stay around a bit longer tomorrow☆

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