Lots of Mantas Today☆

High swell, but we could still go fun diving☆
First dive at Yonehara! At this point, the swell was coming from the opposite direction and it was very calm underwater(≧▽≦) Visibility was splendid as always(^ω^)

All the small fishes swam around happily around the corals, in a rock crack we found a leafy scorpion fish, then we said hello to an anemone partner shrimp☆☆ and a young nudibranch♪ striking colors, don’t you think?\(^o^)/

We did the second dive at Manta city☆☆
As soon as we got it, we saw a manta passing by. At the main bommie, another one appeared(≧▽≦) Totally we saw three of them! I’m happy we are seeing more of them, I hope more and more of them will continue coming so we can show the best of Ishigaki diving♪♪

Finally, the north wind is turning to south again(;^ω^) I hope the swell will go down soon.

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