Lots of Mantas on Today’s Dives♪

Another day with calm sea and excellent weather in Ishigaki☆

First dive at Arakawa Rock Lake!
As we descended a very big Napoleon fish came to greet us♪ I got surprised because it appeared so suddenly(;^ω^)
Inside the swim-throughs, all the fishes were gone ((+_+)) The typhoon must have swept them away to somewhere else. But even without the glassfishes, the swim-throughs are still exciting and the dive passed quickly as we explored them(≧▽≦)

For 2nd and 3rd dive we went to Manta point. First Manta Scramble and then Manta City♪♪♪

At scramble, a Marble ray passed us by on the way to the cleaning stations☆ Its tail was gone so it looked like a UFO (round disc) as it was swimming(;^ω^)
This is a good sign♪♪ I thought and as we came to the cleaning station a manta was circling above it(≧▽≦)
It was there for the about 20min, coming and going back and forth☆

After we had lunch, we went to Manta City. We had to wait around 20min before the manta appeared to our delight\(^o^)/
It swam very close to us and circled round and round the cleaning station so our divers got a good look at it♪♪

Looking forward to more great diving days like this☆

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