Manta Challenge Day☆

Strong winds today(;・∀・) I wonder if this might be the last storm of the rainy season…
Today’s customer came straight from the airport to do some Fun Diving with us☆☆
She had visited Ishigaki four times but never seen a manta… so today we went to both Manta Scramble and Manta City♪♪

First we wen’t to Manta Scramble! But no Mantas there…(/・ω・)/

For the second dive we went to Manta City, we waited 15 min and then one Manta showed up (≧▽≦)
I thought it would quickly swim off, but it turned around and circled round and round the cleaning stations☆
So happy that we could enjoy watching it for a long time today♪♪

Tomorrow we’ll have a north wind(-_-;) So we probably cannot go to Manta point, but we can still enjoy beautiful diving in Ishigaki♪

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