Manta Quest☆

[ezcol_1half]Today we went searching for mantas with our Fun Divers from yesterday plus a guest from Sweden☆
But….the wind forecast had suddenly changed to a south wind turning northeast. We had to hurry!

The sea was rougher than I expected (;・∀・) and the Mantas failed to show up on the first dive (/ω\)
We took our surface interval on the stormy sea, not giving up (≧▽≦) Not surprisingly, some of our divers got seasick so we made the break short within safety limits, and then went for our second dive!

We looked and looked, but no mantas… just as my spirits started to fail, a manta appeared\(^o^)/
Today’s dives were somewhat anxious but ended happily as we got to see the Mantas♪♪

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