Met a Green Sea Turtle ☆

Another day with strong wind ((+_+)), but we found a calm site do do our discover scuba dives(≧▽≦)

We had one first time diver, and one with a liscence♪♪ Looked like they had a good time diving together☆☆
They got a picture together with a green sea turtle\(^o^)/ The turtle was constantly scratching its shell against rocks and corals, maybe cleaning itself or just being very itchy(;^ω^)

Many table corals are growing up in this area♪♪ Getting bigger and bigger all the time, they are still quite small but this place is on the way to become a coral garden! I hope they will continue to grow steadily like this (/・ω・)/

We encountered many different kinds of marine life and the two dives were over so quickly(≧▽≦)
Tomorrow, the wind is supposed to calm down a bit☆☆ Looking forward to relaxed diving♪♪

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