More Mantas Today☆

This morning, the sky was dark and I could hear the sound of thunder and lightening. But we were lucky and didn’t have much rain where we went diving today(≧▽≦)

We did Discover Scuba Diving at Yonehara and Manta Scramble! Everybody descended swiftly and we could enjoy diving toghether♪

The sea goldies of Yonehara showed off their brilliant colors as they circled around in small schools(^o^)
At Manta Scramble, we saw mantas! They circled round and round, close by our divers that really got a good, long, look at them(≧▽≦)

One of our divers really, really wanted to see one so much he didn’t even dare to let me know ^_^ He was lucky and now they have a picture together with the manta☆☆

Tomorrow we’ll be doing Fun Diving♪ I wonder where we should go( *´艸`)

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