Nervous Discover Scuba Dives☆

Today we had two guests from Hong Kong joining us for their first dives♪♪

There was only a small swell left today, and we went to our favorite dive site for discover scuba dives – Yonehara♪
As usual, we went around and said hello to all anemone fishes☆☆ There are many different varieties at this site(≧▽≦) Another day enjoying good life in the ocean♪

For second dive we went to Manta Scramble\(^o^)/
We went to the main cleaning station and waited… and two mantas showed up(≧▽≦)
First, a big female and she swam close to our divers☆ then came a male chasing after her♪ It was very exciting(^ω^)

From now on, we are expecting to see more and more mantas every day(≧▽≦)
Looking forward to it☆

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