New Diver Certified☆ Last Day of Open Water Course

Today, we finished the Open Water Course! The sea was flat like a mirror(≧▽≦)

After the skill briefing on the boat, we got underwater♪ This day Anna (me!) was out fun diving with us and took lots of pictures☆ Is this the first picture of Toyo on the blog?… no, I think I might have uploaded some before(;^ω^)

Our student has really improved his buoyancy in these few days☆
Today, we went looking for macro (small marine life). A lot of divers love them ( *´艸`) and I hope our student also will get interested in the small macro♪♪

We went diving at Manta Scramble for our second dive, but no mantas showed up (/ω\)
I was really hoping for them to come out on this last day…

But, we finished the course! And we got a new certified diver (≧▽≦)
I hope he can come visit again for more diving!!

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