The Ocean is Beautiful even on Rainy Days☆

Today’s customers were from Germany and Finland♪
It was dark and raining a lot in the morning ((+_+))  But the wind was gentle so there was still a chance for a good day so we departed in high spirits (^O^)

First dive at Yonehara, as usual, the divesite was lively with all the reef fishes swimming around♪♪ I wish I could thank them for showing up everyday\(^o^)/
Recently, there has been lots of juvenile Scorpion fishes around as well. Just because they’re small (and cute!) doesn’t mean they lack poison!

There was also a huge Crown of Thorns starfish (-_-;) Sadly, I didn’t have the tools to do anything about it 🙁

I’m sorry but no pictures of Manta rays today! The didn’t show up this time (/ω\)

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