Off We Go with a Merry Group of Divers☆

Today we had fun divers from Netherlands, Spain and Hong Kong on the boat(≧▽≦)

Recently we’ve been seeing mantas everyday♪♪ This time, it didn’t circle around but it swam very, very close to our divers so they got a really good look and were very happy☆

At Yonehara we enjoyed the coral garden and all the small reef fishes\(^o^)/

For 3rd dive we went to Yamabare♪ The garden eels poked their heads up from the sand, to get a picture of them you have to approach reeeeeaally slowly and carefully♪♪
An orangutang crab was hiding inside a coral♪ I wished it would get out just a little bit, but it didn’t want to. It is a really fluffy little krab (^ω^)

We had already seen many interesting things on our dives when we found the sleeping green sea turtle(≧▽≦) For this picture, I also approached very carefully so I wouldn’t disturb it!

Tomorrow we’re off for discover scuba dives♪ Looking forward to it!

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