Relax Among Corals♪ Marvel at Mantas☆

Today we went Fun Diving with our diver from Hong Kong☆
There is a typhoon passing over Okinawa main island, but Ishigaki is surprisingly unaffected♪ Another day with flat sea(≧▽≦)

At Yonehara coral field, the countless small fishes swam around busily♪ Especially the blue-green damselfishes have gotten so many! I could watch them swim around all day (/・ω・)/

Our fun diver was impressed by the excellent visibility☆

We went to Manta City for the second dive! Today, we could just cruise in and didn’t have to wait at all… I was surprised(;^ω^)
We could watch mantas circling the whole dive today! Some mantas came and went, at most, there was four of them and one of them got cleaned at the cleaning station(≧▽≦) They swam very close and we had a great time watching them♪♪

Looks like this typhoon won’t the nice weather here\(^o^)/
Tomorrow we’re off for Discover Scuba Dives!!

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