Searching for Mantas!

Today’s guests from the Netherlands♪ The wind had calmed down and we went for three Fun Dives in Kabira☆

Today’s visibility wasn’t the best ((+_+)) Despite that, we still enjoyed the beautiful corals and lively fishes at Yonehara ^_^ There has been a lot of small Lionfishes there recently, it makes me a bit worried… but then again, they are very cute!

For second dive we went to Manta Scramble… unfortunately no Mantas(-_-;)
Found an Orangutang Crab sitting firm in its spot, I don’t it will move much.

Finally, on the third dive in Manta City, we saw the Mantas☆☆ So happy that they showed up♪♪ Too bad the visibility wasn’t the best today, can you spot the shadow of a Manta between the divers in the last picture?

We had to rush back home since the tide was getting really low today, just made it to our anchorplace \(^o^)/

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