After searching for macro, we waited for the mantas!

Today we had 3 fun divers on the boat♪♪ joining us for 3 dives (≧▽≦)

First dive, we went to rock lake where we found lots of small marine macro☆ Among others, an ornate ghost pipe fish and a leafy scorpion fish (≧▽≦) It was very exciting to search around for all the small critters♪♪
Besides all the macro, this site also has lots of swim throughs to explore☆ like a small labyrinth♬

For second and third dive, we went to manta point!
We saw lots of green sea turtles…

but no mantas(/ω\) I wonder where they are, the other dive shops aren’t having any luck with them either. It makes me worry((+_+))

I found some really pretty nudibranchs while waiting, but mantas, where?! We’ll try again tomorrow…

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