So Much Fun Fun-Diving

[ezcol_1half] Today we had three groups of Fun Divers joining us from Hong Kong☆
Lot’s of people on the boat (;・∀・) It was so much fun(≧▽≦)

We went for three dives to Yonehara, Manta Scramble and Manta City♪♪

So pretty in Yonehara☆ All the small fishes swimmed merrily in and out of the corals! Our divers swam right in the mist of all the schools of fishes♪

I posted a picture of all the baby Blue-Green Damselfishes before too, but I just had to post another one anyway because they’re so cute(/・ω・)/

From tomorrow, it looks like the wind will change. But we don’t know for sure yet♪

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