From Sakieda to Kabira♪ So Many Manta Rays♪♪

A strong south wind is blowing over Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) It will continue for a couple of days so we moved the boat to Kabira bay♪♪ First dive today was in Osaki and the second one at Manta point. We were greeted by many Manta rays circling round the cleaning stations\(^o^)/

In total, we saw four of them circling around the most shallow cleaning station. It was a very lucky day!☆

I took a video too but the quality isn’t the best(;´・ω・)↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Of course the big manta rays were very exciting, but we also found a lot of other small critters☆ Like this bubbly looking Nudibranch♪

And this tiny red Nudibranch(*’ω’*)

A Durban dancing shrimp♪♪

And a big Lobster(^O^)

Five Lionfishes had gathered under a rock☆ I hope to see more of them here in the future(^ω^)

Tomorrow, we’ll be back diving in Kabira area again for the first time after a long spell of north winter winds♪

☆Big Turtle ☆Small Critters and a ☆Manta Ray Swam By

A gentle north wind blew over Ishigaki island and Sakieda bay today(≧▽≦)
We went out for fun dives in Osaki area and Nagura bay♪♪
In Osaki, we met this big Green turtle who was having an afternoon nap(^O^)

As we were looking for turtles, a big Manta ray suddenly swam by\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/Lucky☆☆
But it was so quick I didn’t have time to white balance(/ω\)

We also saw lots of corals☆ There are a lot of different kinds around Nagura(;^ω^) The famous Blue corals are growing up fast♪

The below one is commonly called “Cabbage coral”(;・∀・)

The Staghorn corals are also looking well(≧▽≦)

We saw lots of other fishes too♪♪ This Pipehorse was standing straight up from the sand☆

Under a rock this Lion fish was having a rest. Below, a Scorpion fish.

We also found couple of nudibranch and a flatworm♪♪

The wind will turn to south tomorrow(;´・ω・) I guess we’re off to Kabira bay☆

Discover Scuba and Fun Dives in Ishigaki☆

We departed from Sakieda, Ishigaki, in strong south wind((+_+)) There was a bit of swell in Osaki but the visibility was goodす(≧▽≦)
Today, we went out with both Discover scuba divers and certified divers☆ The waves rocked us a bit underwater as well but the corals and fishes made it easy to forget♪

Today’s discover scuba diver♪ Very relaxed and a good swimmer\(^o^)/ Looked like he had a good time on the reef☆

We went looking for the Giant cuttlefishes too☆ There wasn’t many other boats around today so a lot of them had gathered(^O^)

An angry cuttlefish was chasing after another male(;・∀・)

Around here we often also see seasnakes, this one was making a fancy shape while swimming(≧▽≦)

We also saw several Nudibranches♪♪

From tomorrow, the wind will change again(;^ω^) Looking forward to more dives☆

Chilly March Dives in Ishigaki☆

The wind has been turning round and round but, finally, it seems to have settled for one direction over Ishigaki island☆
Today, we went diving in Nagura bay and Osaki area(≧▽≦) The visibility was much better compared to yesterday☆ Lots of small fishes dashed in and out of the corals(*’ω’*)

A big Giant cuttlefish♪♪ It was chasing the other cuttlefishes around (;・∀)

A Luna lionfish was spreading its fins wide in the shallow part of the reef☆☆

A Bubble coral shrimp♪♪ This big individual has found a good spot to live in\(^o^)/

A Nudibranch squeezing its face(?) together(;^ω^)

It will be north wind tomorrow again♪♪ Looking forward to more dives☆

Diving with Cuttlefishes in Ishigaki♪

We had a pair of divers joining us for two days in a row(≧▽≦)
It was windy and rainy today in the morning but luckily it cleared up as we went to the boat☆
Two days of diving in Osaki area and Nagura bay♪ In Osaki, the turtles were having siesta…\(^o^)/… on top of the corals(; ・`д・´)

Right now, we can see lots of Giant cuttlefishes in both Nagura and Osaki area☆☆ During the egg laying season, it is possible to get very close to them but only if you approach slowly and respectfully♪

A big Stone fish had buried itself into the sand♪ This one was really well hidden, the one below on the other hand was right out in the open☆

The Banded pipefishes are also laying eggs☆☆ This pipefish was very big♪♪

A pair of Brown banded pipefishes nearby♪

The coral reefs of Nagura bay!! Schools of countless Blue-green damsel fishes have their home here☆

An anemone partner shrimp♪ It was all alone in its coral, I wonder if he gets bored(;・∀・)

A tiny Sooth Nudibranch(*’ω’*) It’s so black it’s hard to take a good picture of it(;^ω^)

Another Nudibranch was making its way across the sandy bottom♪♪

We also spotted some flat worms♪

From tomorrow, the forecast says rain and chilly winds. I hope it won’t get too windy(^O^)