Advanced Open Water Course

The wind has calmed down but there is still much swell from the north remaining(;´・ω・) These two days we had an Advanced open water course(≧▽≦) Below, you can see my student practicing compass skills♪♪

We still had time to explore after skill practice♪♪ We swam over the corals and enjoyed the scenery☆

Then we did some more skill practiceす(; ・`д・´) Bouancy control♪ It’s one of the most important skills to master as a diver☆

We also met many different marine animals\(^o^)/ Below is a hovering Giant Cuttlefish.

We also swam by this big Stonefish・(;・∀・)

A Flounder♪

and a colorful Peacock mantis shrimp♪

This ribbon eel has been hiding in the same spot for quite some time♪♪ I hope it will get the chance to grow up and turn blue as an adult(;・∀・)

Today, we saw as many as five Green turtles♪This little one is still very young☆☆

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives again(≧▽≦)

Relaxed Day on the Ocean

The wind suddenly died down overnight and the sea was calm today in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) However, the swell was still lingering on the north side so we couldnät go to manta point(;´・ω・) But we had some good dives in Osaki area and Nagura bay☆ A Green turtle went up for air and then back to its usual sleeping place(`・ω・´)

We met a Giant cuttlefish too☆ This one wasn’t hiding at all and floating around out in the open.

We saw a Crocodilefish today again. This one was having a rest while small cleaner fishes were working busily, I guess it’s a fish spa? (;^ω^)

This Stonefish was well hidden in the sand♪♪Only the eyes and mouth were sticking up (;・∀・)

Lots of tiny Blue-green damselfishes♪ Absolutely adorable(≧▽≦)

Of couse, we saw many shrimps too\(^o^)/ Below is an Arrow cleaner shrimp♪

A big Bubblecoral shrimp♪I will miss this little fellow when we move the boat over to Kabira area for the summer(^.^)/~~~

Lots of Squat shrimps were shaking their little tails♪♪

And closeby, this big Anemone shrimp was guarding its territory(;・∀・)

An anemone parther shrimp☆

Tomorrow we’re starting an Advanced Open Water Course☆ It’s been a while since last time so I’m looking forward to it\(^o^)/

Cold Winds but the Diving is Still Good

The rain came and went today, the wind was also strong and it has gotten a bit cold on Ishigaki island(´-ω-`)
We picked dive spots sheltered from the wind in Osaki area and Nagura bay☆ We met this big Green turtle who has been hanging out in the same spot everyday for a while now(≧▽≦)

The corals of Nagura☆☆ there are so many different kinds here(`・ω・´) I worry that they will turn white, the water temperature is not very high yet and I hope it will not get to hot for them this year(;´・ω・)

We met many exciting critters on today’s dives♪♪ Below, a big Crocodilefish(;・∀・)

An Octopus poked its head out from a crack♪The color of its skin was pulsating and changing as we watched☆☆

A Lionfish♪This individual had very long beautiful fins(*’ω’*)

A Whitemouth moray eel, those are some sharp teeth!(;・∀・)


Tomorrow we’ll go fun diving again☆

Happy Discover Scuba Divers

It’s still hot like summer in Ishigaki(≧▽≦) Today we went out diving with a group of discover scuba divers☆ Before going “under the sea♪” we went through all the equipment properly.

Slow decent♪♪Some divers struggled with equalizing but everyone finally went diving togheter☆

The visibility wasn’t the best in this picture but we saw many fishes and happy faces☆Group picture♪

Schools of Sea goldies\(^o^)/ It’s magical just watching the schools of them swim around

Everybody swam very well, a Banded seasnake photobombed this picture(;^ω^) It soon swam away as the divers approached(;・∀・)

Tomorrow I’m off for fun dives♪♪ The wind is changing again, maybe we’ll move the boat over to Kabira(`・ω・´)

Two Sleepy Green Turtles

The south wind was blowing gently and it was very hot in Ishigaki island today☆☆
In Osaki, the turtles were having a siesta at their usual place♪♪ Two of them were sleeping close by eachother\(^o^)/

We approached very slowly, but one of them got scared and swam away(;・∀・)

A big Stonefish was hiding in the crack of a rock!

Today’s beginner divers swam very wel♪We took a photo together with the Anemonefishes☆

Lots of Sea goldies were swimming in the shallows☆

A young Lionfish♪ Its long fins fluttered around with the current(*’ω’*)

We can often see this nudibranch around here

The wind keeps turning from north to south and back again… has the rainy season started already?