Both Sharks and Turtles! Discover Scuba Dives☆

Last night it was storming, but with the morning came good weather and sunshine in Ishigaki island☆

Today we went out for discover scuba dives in Osaki and Nagura area(≧▽≦)
First dive is always a little bit nervous of course(*^▽^*) But once underwater, today’s guest was a surprisingly good diver\(^o^)/

A bright white Nudibranch with yellow skirt♪♪ It was very big!

Pictures with a Green turtle♪ We approached it slowly as to not disturb (^O^) Thank you for good memory mr. turtle!

We also took a picture together with this Sole♪♪

A Whitemouth moray, it was in the same place as two days ago(;・∀・) It must really like this spot♪

Hiding under a rock, these Whitetip reef sharks were not easily spotted or photographed(;^ω^) There were for of them (*^▽^*)

Lots of corals! And the small fishes! Beautiful to watch♪

And, of course, my favorite shrimps!

A flatworm♪ We see this type often around here(^O^)

The cuttlefishes were laying eggs☆☆ So many eggs between the corals, I hope many of them survives\(^o^)/

I also took a video today☆There are still not that many cuttlefishes, more will come I hope(;^ω^)

From tomorrow, we’ll take the boat up for regular maintenance for a few days♪

Fun Dives in Osaki♪

Big clouds in the sky but no rain today in Ishigaki island!

Our diver from yesterday came back for 2 more dives today♪ We went to Osaki area☆
There was a bit of swell at the shallower parts of the reef but the visibility was great and we saw many different things(≧▽≦) At this site, the corals are especially beautiful☆

A turtle came to greet us☆ We saw two Green turtles in total, one big and one small\(^o^)/

We also saw a Giant cuttlefish, it swam very quickly(;´・ω・) and there was only one of them! I hope it will find some friends soon☆

A Pipehorse had nestled itself in between strands of seaweed☆ I saw a Pipehorse at the same spot quite long ago, I wonder if it’s the same one? It was very large(;^ω^)

The Corocodilefish are so picture pleasing♪♪ Both big and unique looking, they are sure to make an impact(*^▽^*)

We only saw a few Batfihes today(;´・ω・) There weren’t that many of them last year either, I wonder what happened…

Something is coming out of the mouth of this Nudibranch!(;・∀lu) What could it be?

A Blue spotted stingray♪

An Anemoneshrimp☆

We can see so many different things diving in the winter! Time passes way too quikly(;^ω^) There is still so much to explore☆

Family Snorkeling and Scuba Dives♪

The weather forecast said rain, but it was warm and sunny until this afternoon in Ishigaki island☆

We went out for snorkeling and scuba diving with a family of four today☆
The visibility was on top in Osaki area, and we saw two manta rays on the surface before getting into the water on the first site(≧▽≦)
As we went underwater, I thought we had a pretty good chance of seeing them again on the dive!

Unfortunately, my dive team didn’t get to see a manta (;´・ω・) so I felt disappointed in my skills(/ω\)
But the snorkeling team saw two manta rays! Yay! (≧▽≦) This one was sound asleep(^ω^)v

On the next site, my dive team got revenge and saw two Green turtles♪♪ This one looked right at us(^ω^)v

We also swam around lots of beautiful corals

A Robust ghost pipefish imitating a dead leaf ♪
It was moving around a lot so it wasn’t hard to spot for me, but the camouflage is very clever(;・∀・)

On a stretched out Whip coral a couple of gobys and shrimps had taken up residence♪ Below is a Whip coral shrimp☆

From tomorrow, Viking Scuba will close for winter vacation. We feel grateful to everyone who has visited and supported our shop this year, thank you! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hope to see you again in 2019☆

Fun Dives on Flat Ocean♪♪

28°C in Ishigaki island today! Who would have thought that it could be this warm in December☆☆

The wind was gentle and the temperature was just right as we departed from Sakieda beach♪♪

On the way to Osaki, we saw a manta swimming just by the surface(≧▽≦) I was hoping we could see it diving too, but we didn’t find it again(;^ω^) Can’t always be lucky!
However, the visibility was excellent and we saw many other things♪

Like this cuttlefish☆ We also saw another one in the middle of laying eggs\(^o^)/

A very big female cuttlefish!

A pair of Robust ghostpipefishes were also laying eggs♪
This individual was very big and easy to find (;・∀・)

A Banded seasnake swam right up to the camera lens and flickered its tounge(^O^) Maybe it saw its own reflection(;^ω^)

This Bubble coral shrimp was also looking well♪ The other smaller ones had disappeared, or maybe they were just hiding(;´・ω・)

Many Anemone partner shrimps has moved into this big anemone☆ The look super cute when they walk♪

We saw lots of different animals today! And also many magnificent corals♪
Feeling grateful\(^o^)/

Tomorrow, we’ll join another boat and head out from Kabira bay! It would be rare, but maybe we could even see the manta rays?! Looking forward to dive(^O^)

The Sea is Calmer than Expected☆

The north wind blows strong over Ishigaki island, however, the ocean is not that rough☆

Today we went for fun dives in Osaki and Nagura area☆☆ No matter what kind of weather, underwater is always beautiful(≧▽≦)

A HUGE Cuttlefish\(^o^)/ It has been a long time since I saw one this big(;・∀・) It was laying eggs so I’m looking forward to visit this site again☆

A White tip reef shark was hiding under a rock☆ Today, we saw four of them(^O^) Neither of them were easy to spot in their hiding places but it would be great if they stay around(^ω^)

Under another rock a Lionfish♪♪

We also saw many Clown anemonefishes☆

There is so much to see underwater in Ishigaki wintertime(≧▽≦)