Flat Ocean and Manta Rays

The ocean is once again calm around Ishigaki island☆

Today we departed from Sakieda and dived in Osaki and Manta point♪♪

This Green turtle was soundly asleep(;・∀・) Adorable☆

Eyes firmly shut(≧▽≦) We met two of them in Osaki today☆

Of course, we also saw the Clown Anemone fishes!

For second dive, we went to Manta city! We only had to wait five minutes for a manta to arrive\(^o^)/
A Turtle went up for air and then came back to steal the show(;^ω^) So I got this picture with the 2 of them together☆

It was circling round and round slowly, until it sped away quickly! Maybe a cleaner fish bit the wrong place(;´・ω・) I’m glad we got to see the Manta today!

Tomorrow, we’re departing from Kabira! I hope there won’t be too much swell…(;・∀・)

Dives in Osaki☆ Lots of Marine Animals – from Turtles to Macros☆

A cool north wind blows over Ishigaki island☆

Today we departed from Sakieda beach♪♪ No matter the dive site, we can always find so many different marine animals here(≧▽≦)
A Stonefish had buried itself into the sand♪ This is still a small individual and it’s hiding very well(;・∀・)

This Scorpionfish doesn’t hide under the sand but the color alone is more than enough camouflage♪♪

We got to see a Nudibranch in the middle of laying its eggs\(^o^)/

A school of Batfishes were hanging out at their usual place, they don’t seem to move much(;^ω^)

Mr. Popular! A Clownfish, of course! It was making a silly face today again(`・ω・´)

The colorful and lively coral reefs☆

We saw lots of sleepy Green turtles today(≧▽≦) There was a bit swell underwater too so many turtles had squeezed themselves firmly under a rock(;^ω^)

The wind is supposed to calm down again from tomorrow afternoon☆

Fun Dives☆ From Osaki to Manta Point♪

The wind calmed down in Ishigaki island(`・ω・´) and the temperature is up too☆☆

Today, we went departed for fun dives from Nagura beach♪♪ The visibility had gone down somewhat, but we still had a good 15m(^O^)

Schools of Sea Goldies!! They always put a smile on my face(≧▽≦)

The Ornate ghost pipefish I found the other day♪♪ It’s still hanging around the same area(;・∀・)
This spot is really abundant with marine life☆

A Green turtle was resting under a rock ledge☆ This turtle’s shell is a real beauty\(^o^)/

Since the waves and swell has gone down, we could go out to Manta point today. I say gone down, but it was actually a quite rough drive there(;´・ω・) However, it was well worth the effort♪ as we met this majestic manta☆☆ It swam really close to us☆

Of course, we also saw many other critters(*^▽^*) Like this Nudibranch♪

I hope the swell is down by tomorrow, it would be nice with a less rocky ride(;^ω^)

Great Weather for Discover Scuba Dives

A nice breeze over Ishigaki island today☆

Actually, I just caught a cold so equalizing was very hard today(/ω\) However, it was still nice to go diving once underwater(≧▽≦)
We went for discover scuba dives in Osaki and Nagura♪♪♪

Today’s divers swam very well\(^o^)/

A Green turtle relaxing on the reef, we saw three of them today(^O^)

We approached slowly not to disturb them(`・ω・´)

Coral garden in Nagura♪ It’s so beautiful here☆ It’s amazing we can see this fine corals even on the discover scuba dives♪

Time passed too quickly(;・∀・)

A Robust ghost pipefish was right out in the open(;^ω^)
It looks like a leaf and today’s divers found it very curious☆☆

The sea conditions will get even better tomorrow, however, I will stay home and get rid of this running nose(; ・`д・´)

Strong Wind but Underwater it’s Beautiful as Always☆

We went out in strong wind and heavy rain from Ishigaki island today(;・∀・)

Underwater, we met a lot of different marine animals(≧▽≦) These nudibranches were making a train♪♪♪

Nudibranch train Video↓↓↓

We can often find Robust ghost pipefishes in wintertime, but today we saw this Ornate ghostpipefish too☆☆

And here’s the Robust ghost pipefish\(^o^)/

A Stonefish, it’s hard to spot!(;・∀・)

It’s not season for Cuttlefishes yet, but sometimes we are lucky enough to see them anyway♪♪

A flatworm♪♪


And lots of corals(≧▽≦)

Tomorrow, the wind will be strong again but after that the weather should be calmer for a while☆